Friday, June 3, 2011

Which MIND helped Kant to observe that it can not grasp what an object 'IN ITSELF' is? 

Philosopher Locke had argued that, as only material things can affect our senses, we know nothing but matter, so we must accept materialistic philosophy. If sensations are the stuff of thought, matter must be the material of mind !

Bishop Berkeley counter argued:  if all our knowledge are mere 'sensations', and ideas derived from these sensations, 'a thing' is merely a bundle of perceptions- perceptions of the mind. Hence the only reality that  we directly know is the MIND, that give these perceptions. Hence, matter does't exist, but only mind and its perceptions !

Philosopher Hume, who came after Berkeley, counter argued both Locke and Berkeley - - -' we know mind only as we know matter, by perception,though the former is internal. There is no 'observable' SOUL behind the process of thought'.

According to historian Will Durant, as Hume had effectively destroyed mind, Berkeley had destroyed matter !

Immanuel Kant's mission was to save mind as well as matter. He consoled the world that what mind grasp is good enough for man to lead his life on earth, and to progress with his science,though what the mind grasps is not the reality of the objects ' IN ITSELF '. Its reality is only the subjective reflection of mind. Mind can not ever know what realty 'in itself' is,except by intuitive powers of the mind ! He never elaborated what these intuitive power is , and whether man could ever possess it. 

But he was rather sure about the limitations of the mind, that it can never lay hand on reality "IN ITSELF'. 

Kant's above brilliant observation begs for an answer for the next natural question  - -which MIND  had helped him to DOUBT the inability of it, to grasp the IN ITSELF reality of objects ? Was there a hidden SUPER MIND above his usual mind, unknown to him,  that tipped him about the limitations of man's usual mind ?  As an EYE can not see itself, the MIND can not observe it self too.

Another brilliant mind of our age, a truly scientific mind, that of Albert Einstein, stated about the quantum theory that " Quantum mechanics is very impressive. But an ‘inner voice’ tells me that it is not the real thing. The theory produces a good deal but hardly brings one closer to the secrets of the Old One. I am at all events convinced that He (God)  does not play dice".  

Which mind he had hinted as his "INNER VOICE' ? 

The usual mind of man, at many junctures of life, hints and even warm him that his conclusions based on the available evidences are WRONG. Or, like in the case of Kant, man  is often unaware of the existence of a higher organ above mind that enable him to 'observe' the former as an 'external object' of study, and even form serious conclusions on its working ! 

Our Science is certain that there is a 'missing link' to unite all his energy sources, and its theories, to explain the phenomenon of life and existence. What aspect of Reason hints the science about this inadequacy of its knowledge ?  

Man's sense of Reason not only detect 'order' and consistency of the conclusions he has arrived at on the basis of  available premises in front of him, it also warm him of the inadequacy and incompleteness of his inferences! He is often compelled  to accept the existence of a hidden SUPER MIND above his usual mind. 

The question is merely whether this SUPER MIND is something in the offing for future, in the process of evolution, or was it a case of an organ going REDUNDANT and extinct, like the case the lost TAIL for man,during his bidding good bye to his monkey days? 

This writer stands for the former version - - - man was blessed with this now extinct mind in the beginning - -knowing everything about his origin. During civilizational transition from one generation to other, the links got cut-off at some point in time, and the next generations had to develop the present day mind exclusively with materials and logics that his sense organs had provided him! A mind that got cut of from ORIGINS and MEANINGS. A new SYNTHETIC personality for man, (his EGO ) for living with his SYNTHETIC realities!

Man may have to attempt a re-look at the present theory (dogma ?)  of EVOLUTION  for probing into such possibilities of his SUPER MIND, now extinct by non-use !

Abraham Joseph
(A philosophic non-profit that stand for research and study  into human Reason, and the cause of reinvented democracy)

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